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Prepopik offers dosing options
that may be right for you

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Inform yourself

Before starting, be sure that you
clearly understand:

  • All the steps of the bowel
    prep process
  • All of your healthcare provider’s
    instructions, particularly when
    to start and finish the prep
  • When, and what, you can and
    cannot eat or drink before, during,
    and after the prep and colonoscopy

Stay comfortable

Once you start drinking the prep,
you’ll be spending a lot of time in
the bathroom.

  • Bring a book or magazine to read
  • Bring a handheld game to play
  • Use moistened wipes or water
    spray instead of toilet paper to
    avoid irritation
  • Wear pants that are easy to take
    on and off repeatedly

Make sure you finish

It’s important to finish the entire prep
so your doctor can see your colon
clearly. If you don’t finish, your colon
may not be cleansed completely.

The colonoscopy may take longer
than expected and, if the prep is
really unsuccessful, the doctor
may stop in the middle and ask you
to reschedule. This may mean going
through the prep process and
procedure all over again.

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